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Exclusive Services

We understand that today, the environment protection and a safe working environment. For safety reasons, we set the highest standard and guidelines for all experienced divers.  

We ensure that all operations, large or small are of equal importance and produce full method statements and risk assessments for every project before starting work. All contracts are carried out to the highest quality without risk to safety or to the environment.


We provide a professional team of experienced surveyors for a broad range of services in Hong Kong. we consistently perform in accordance with international standards to maintain an exceptional level of quality for each and every job.



WOD has been involved in marine construction projects since 1989. With experience in all types below 

Pier/harbour maintenance and repairs
Precast, re-in forced & mass/in-situ concrete
Piling works
Coastal protection
Broca cutting
Pressure washing
Fabrication works
Shuttering above and below the water
Concrete and grout replacement
Scour protection
Slipway construction and repair
Pier construction and repair for concrete, steel and timber works
Supply and fitting of pier furniture, ladders, fenders, railings etc.
Outfall installation, repair and inspection
Pipeline repair and inspection
Floor protection
Placing of rock armour
Fitting anodes to piles or other sub-sea structures 
Slipway construction & repairs
Concrete breakout & replacement
Bridge inspections & maintenance
Outfall inspections & maintenance
Underwater welding
Underwater cutting
Site surveys
Sewage outfall installations
Buoy maintenance
Safety boats
Marine project management
Plant hire


Construction & Installation

We install scour protection systems including grout bags, mattresses, gabion baskets, and concrete scour mats. These systems have been used to prevent scouring around bridge abutments and a variety of other maritime structures.


Demolition & Removal

We have at our disposal a range of plant and equipment for marine salvage and wreck removal and transportation of materials, around and to and from marine sites. Our salvage and wreck removal includes the finding and removal of failed structures, sunken vessels and lost equipment.

Let's Work Together

To apply for a job with Works of Diving Hong Kong Co., Limited, please send a cover letter together with your resume to 

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